A menu with tradition
A menu
with tradition

Mole poblano
Chicken breast covered in Puebla’s famous mole served with red rice (200 g).

Pipián rojo + costilla de cerdo
Pork ribs served with red pipián sauce, grilled cactus and spring potatoes (260 g).

Adobo de chileancho + pulpo
Octopus served with adobo sauce, local beans and avocado (230 g).

Pipián verde + lechón confitado
Pot beans, purslane, white rice

Adobo de chile ancho + costilla corta de res 36 horas
Short rib served with adobo, beans tamale and roasted avocado (150 g).

Mole de chipotle quemado + medallón de filete de resk
Beef fillet served with chipotle mole sauce and buttered potatoes (180 g).

Mole de epazote + robalo
Seabass served with epazote herb mole and roasted corn puré (150 g).

Mixiote de cordero
Slowly cooked lamb meat served with green salsa, radish and beans (200 g).

Milanesa augurio
Pork milanese served with sliced poblano peppers and guacamole (180 g).

Pollito de leche, huitlacoche
Poissin chicken served with fresh cheese and corn cream (180 g).

Lengua de res
Beef tongue with roasted green salsa, beans and white rice (120 g).

Enchiladas de pollo
Tortillas filled with roasted green salsa, red pipián and green pipián.

Cecina a la plancha
Smoked beef meat with cactus salad and guacamole (200 g).

* Coliflor asada
Roasted cauliflower with the sauce of your choice served with rice.

* Vegetarian Dish


Here is a little information on the basics of our sauces:
- MOLE: a sauce made with different kind of chilli peppers and spices. the mole poblano is a unique one due to its chocolate notes.
- ADOBO: a sauce mainly made with chile ancho pepper and spices.
- PIPIÁN: a sauce mainly made with pumpkin and sesame seeds and spices, that contains seeds.


Camarones en costra de chicharrón
Prawns covered in chopped pork rind served with authentic mexican salsa, Green sauce and avocado (4 pieces).

Tártara de cecina de Atlixco
Smoked meat tartare served with pickled onions, radish, shredded cheese and jalapeño oil. (80 g)

* Huazontle relleno de queso fresco de cabra
Huazontle herbs stuffed with fresh goat’s cheese and served with pasilla mole sauce or tomato sauce (1 piece).

Salpicón de pato
Duck salad served with pickled onions, oregano, tomato, avocado and cheese. (60 g).

* Ensalada de berros, verdolagas y quintoniles
Watercress salad with purslane and wild greens served with crunchy ravioli filled with corn mushrooms, shredded cheese, baby corn, avocado and a green sauce dressing

* Salpicón de jamaica
Pickled onions, tomatoes, cheese, avocado, oregano and chipotle vinaigrette. (80 g).

* Ensalada del huerto
Fresh cheese and oregano vinaigrette.

Tuétano (500 g) y mollejas de ternera (100 g) .
Bone marrow, crispy veal sweetbreads, roasted corn esquites, garlic mayonnaise.

Croquetas de plátano macho
Filled with goat fresh cheese, mole poblano, sesame seeds. (4 pieces).

* Vegetarian Dish


Fried tortilla with beef frawn, red salsa, avocado (2 pieces)

* Tlacoyos
Thick tortillas, warm green salsa, cheese (3 pieces).

Deep fried bread with shredded beef, salsa, sour cream and avocado. (1 piece)

Chalupas poblanas
Fried tortillas with red and green sauces, shredded beef and onions (6 pieces).

* Chile ancho relleno de queso
Ancho chilli pepper stuffed with cheese, adobo sauce and Cotija cheese (1 piece).

Duck tamale with poblano mole, Cotija cheese and sour cream (1 piece).

Deep fried chicken, beef, potato and cheese tacos served with salsa and sour cream. (4 pieces).

Chancla Poblana
Bread filled with avocado and onion, covered in a longaniza, chorizo and pork meat sauce. (1 piece).

* Vegetarian Dish


* Chileatole Poblano
Puebla style corn soup with roasted corn.

Caldo de habas
Fava bean stew with nopales (cactus), chiltepín peppers and quail egg.

Sopa de médula
Beef marrow soup with epazote herb.

Sopa poblana
Puebla style soup with avocado and cheese.

Sopa de migas
Bread crumbs soup with chipotle peppers, epazote herb and egg noodles.

Sopa de tortilla
Tomato soup served with deep fried tortilla, chipotle pepper, cheese, sour cream avocado.

Fideo seco
Pasta served with pork rind, sour cream, avocado, morita peppers and aged cheese.

* Arroz rojo
Red rice with traditional mole poblano.

* Vegetarian Dish


Hot cakes

Eggs any style
Fried, boiled, rancheros, scrambled with ham or bacon, mexicana

Eggs with Poblano mole

Egg whites omelette
Stuffed with mushrooms, zucchini flower and epazote, poblano chili salsa

Cheese, bacon, ham

Scrambled eggs with adobo
Pot beans

Cheese, chorizo, avocado, red salsa

Enmoladas stuffed with scrambled eggs

Duck tamale with mole
Cotija cheese, cream

Pasilla chili salsa, red or green, with eggs or smoked beef

Lamb mixiote

Runner beans, chicken, lettuce, salsa, cream

Chicken, beef and cheese (3 pcs)

Turkey ham, quesillo, cheddar

Molletes in torta de agua
Runner beans, manchego cheese, pico de gallo

Red and green pipián, stuffed with chicken

Quesillo and corn quesadillas
Pork rind, mushrooms and chorizo (3pcs)


Patrón Añejo, Ancho Reyes Verde, Mexican bitters, pipicha

San Agustín
Altos Plata, Vermouth Extra Dry, Yolixpa, orange bitters

Special Margarita
Altos Plata, Cointreau, agave syrup, totomoztle salt

Gavilán Reyes
Ancho Reyes, grapefruit juice, grapefruit soda

La Santísima
Patrón Silver, Cointreau, grilled pineapple syrup, grasshopper salt

Relámpago Mixteco, coffee liqueur, pot coffee, chocolate

9 Oriente
Acachul, lime juice, club soda

Havana 7 yrs, sherry, Angostura bitters, peppermint